Neelesh Bhave (Maharashtra)
(Nature's Hut products are of a very good quality. Medicinal Juices like Giloy, Noni, Karela Jamun, Apple Cider Vinegar are very good for health. The Fruit Barfi from Nature's Hut is also very tasty. Other items like Honey, Jaggery Bites, Imli Gola, Tulsi drops, Amla Candy, Amla in Honey are definitely worth trying. We have been using Nature's Hut Products since last one year and it has been a truly satisfying experience.)

Shailinder Mahant (Gurdaspur)
(I am using Apple Cider Vinegar from Nature's Hut since October 2016.My Uric acid problem has reduced a lot.Even my digestion has improved.I highly recommend it to people having uric acid and digestion problems.)

Ashok Kamboj (Jagadari)
(Every Product of Natureshut is full of strength of Nature and herbs with an enriched experience of Ayurveda. Unique Perparation indeed.)

Rajiv Sharma (Vrindavan)
(Very wonderful products we using we using triphala Ras and oil and sales executive Ms kanchan sharma very supportive really impressive good job thanks)

Karnesh Sharma (Haryana)
(Nature's products are too good for health.without any chemical and natural .Need of the day.)

Monika Sharma (Haryana)
(I love nature's product.i advise everyone use nature products.)

Neha sharma (Haryana)
(Nature's product are too good for health without any chemical.Need ful.)

Kuldeep Bhatia (Faridabad)
(Natures hut Products very unique and refreshing fruits burfi.. natural sweets, no added flavors and sugar.. it's a very new concept. One must taste their fruit burfi .. I hv gifted this burfi to my relatives and everyone appreciated..)

Sanjay Bhai Aggarwal (Gujrat)
(Yes it is true that it is natural product and there is no any side effect of this product and it is useful also. Because of this the sugar level is also balance. I love to use this product regularly)

Sriniwas Vishvnathan (Tamilnadu)
(Nature's Hut products are really good and pure. I regularly buy from them.)

Paritosh Sharma (Ahemdabad/Ratlam-MP)
(I have tried one of the product of Nature's Hut i.e. Tulsi drop and I must say it's good quality product and the effects on ur body after its use are noticeable... Definitely recommend the same.)

Bibhu Nag (West Bengal)
(The Company's products are good . I am using Triphala and Aloe Vera)

Manoj Jain (Faridabad)
(Natures hut products are natural and pure. No added chemicals and zero preservatives. Highly recommended for good health.)

Kaustubh Diwedi (Bhopal)
(I bought nature's hut products from mclodganj viz various type of fruit barfi, amla chutney , all are very very delicious in taste and also good for health . Persons from every age group loved it's taste.)

Sandeep Milind (Maharashtra)
(Have tried natura's hut one or two products like Tulsi drop and Apple cider and found to have very good in quality and good for health. Also appreciate for their prompt service like delivery of order. In all very nice experience with Natura's Hut and would definitely like to try some other products also.Also strongly suggest others to go for Natur's hut products )

Vikas Gupta (Rohtak)
(What I say , no words to describe how much better product in my opinion. Absolutely True Trust in quality control , Exactly correct information about every item.I prescribe it to all my near n dears to accept and apply it in your daily needs.)

Shareen Rizvi (Lakhnow)
(Apple cider vinegar-ideal for weight loss, succeeded in losing 700 gms in a day.My sister in law also loves it. She says that this is the best of all she tried. Aloevera juice-One of the best in the market, drank it for 6 months and say tremendous improvement in skin and hair. This has to been taken for atleast 3 months to see noticeable improvements)

Rohit (Delhi)
(Excellent products. Value for money.)

Chaavi (Delhi)
(I got introduced to Nature's hut when a friend gifted a box of fruit barfis, I think Litchi and Guava flavour. It is not like a typical barfi. Such subtle taste of those fruits made me and my family finish the full box in just a day. Such was the craze that I roamed around in McLeodganj to find the Nature's Hut outlet. Surprisingly, shopkeepers there did not know about the product or shop. But finally I managed to come across just one outlet, and bought 4-5 boxes of assorted fruit mithai for my family and friends. Everyone really liked the product. Would highly recommend fruit barfi of Nature's Hut.)

Sidharth Dogra (Rajpura)
(Such a great range of products,very very good customer service,great packaging,love the products. Thanx)

Sanjeev Kumar (Punjab)
(Maine Nature,s Hut mclodganj se kafi product liye ...sabhi product bhut badiya the .. jyada badiya product 1 to Nature hut ka achaar tha bhut taste tha .. Nd barfi bhi bhut badiya nd real apple juice sabhi product ache hai .....??)

Pankaj Sharma (Phagwara)
(Nature's hut product are very natural and good in taste, i brought tomoto Chutney, Apricot barfi, amla barfi from Nature's Hut Maclodganj shop.Very rich in taste, I ordered again from Online store.Just go for it:))

Rajiv K Raman (Bhopal)
(Natures hut Appple cider vinegar is fabulous product..!! It was by chance we first bought this product from natures hut shop at Mussoorie, Uttarakkhand. The Quality and its natural effect were awesome, so we purchased the product twice directly from the manufacturing unit at patiala (Punjab) It is amazing to note thet they have maintained its consitiuency and qauality. the online experience was good packaging and delivery were also flawless. we thank the entire team for maintaing high standard and for ensuring avalaibility of such a good product.)

Preeti Ruparel (Bombay)
(Delicious assortment of healthy barfi sweets are selected to treat your mouth sweetened. The assortment contains various flavours. It is sweet as well as healthy to stay fit without compromising the cravings for sweets. Tulsi drops are my personal favourite. It has an Effective relief. It is Cough suppressant. Throat drops, Fights coughs naturally. Soothes sore throats. Also very good for overall health for every day consumption.My daughter personally uses tulsi drops every day in her bottle of water and it has drastically changed the condition of her tonsils, it has totally healed)

Sahil Pawar (Faridabad)
(Its Superb !! I used first tym Fruit Barfi, its test is Woderful)

Parveen Kumar (Sunam)
(I am using Tulsi Ark, Forest honey of Nature Hut & Green chilly pickle, these r healthy and good products.)

Lakshmi Suri (Delhi)
(I have been having Noni syrup of Nature's Hut since August 2016. I feel my immunity has increased as I did not any cold or fever in winter this year which I normally get otherwise. I use two to three bottles a month. Their fruit burfies are also excellent)

Anil Bhanushali (Mumbai)
(your product is really very nice..Especailly Fruit Barfi)

Deepak Sharma (Dehradoon)
(Nature hut products have unique ditinctive taste. They are different from other companies. Their pickles are tasty and fresh. Their best product is friut barfi which are not heavy low calorie and gives you diferrent taste altogether.A unique item for gifts also. Packging too is nice and sophisticated. Wish you best of luck.)

Ajay Gupta (Delhi)
(Great products)

Nilesh Phutane (Mumbai)
(Nature hut product especially apple cider vineger ( with mother) is really good has lot of advantages i use for my uric acid problem and special thanks for its sales tam as i order online.)

Gopal Krishan Popli (Bhaiwni)
(One of the best 'fruit product. Highly recommended keeping in view long shelf life and zero preservative. We relished it.)

Pankaj Shah (Mumbai)
(I had high cholesterol level i went to Mussorie i went to nature's hut shop they recommend apple cider vinegar empty stomach i tried religiously and I got my lipid profile test after 3 months i got my all parameters within normal range thanks to Nature's hut and acv)

Juhi Gajra (Mumbai)
(Nature's hut Produts are chemical Free N pure so I feel It Vary Safe ti use it)

yadwinder singh (patiala)
(I m feeling very happiness to share my views about Nature's Hut products. Nature's Hut alogera juice, which is endless benefits for physical fitness of the body. Go start with, my wife now feeling well from last few months & best for all to loss the weight with regular intake. Thanks to Nature's Hut.)

Kushal singh (UP)
(Very good Quality I like it)

Kshirod Kumar Sahoo (Delhi)
(I procured apple cider vinegar from Nature's hut found it absolutely good and working perfectly fine. Even after I booked two more on behalf of my elder brother and one for my friend . Yes the product is good enough.)

Amandeep singh (Delhi)
(Ur mix fruit burfi is incredible and chukh is very tasty it's a yummy gift for us.Thanku my kids are very happy to eat burfi)

Vikrant Agarwal (Delhi)
(The Experience has been Great with your Product, I love using them. Vikrant Agarwal, New Delhi)

JB Desai (Mumbai)
(My wife using your Karala Jamun Juice from last two years for her diabetic problem. She is very happy with your product. She takes above juice after each meal by which she can keep her diabetes under control. I thanks Sakshi for her prompt service and help.)

Puneet Luthra (Bangalore)
(Started using the products last year and I'm 100% satisfied... Looks like they are using the best ingredients and all the products have health benefits! Keep it up!)

Promila Garg (Delhi)
(Yes i was very veryyy satisfied with yr prduct. Everyone whom we gift this , they all told us about its good taste. Even we planned to distribute it in marriage of our nephew whenever it will .)

Kirti (Delhi)
(Honey is too good)

Manasa Shrinvas (mulbagal)
(Iam extremely happy with your products.... Just love them.... The point of improvements would be the courier service... The professional couriers are really bad.... And may be you can reduce courier charges a little....I love Amla candy of yours, everytime i want to order need to pay 50 for an order worth 150)

Geeta sood (Partan)
(Product is good, helped me in weight loss, thats why i ordered again for my family)

Col.Chabra (Delhi)
(Nature's Hut - truely wonderful products for improving / restoring immunity & health. Happen to accidentally visit the Mussoorie outlet. Not only was the sales woman/men so respectful but very knowledgeable about the so many products on display. They went out of their way to let you taste some of them & even without a frown as many as one wanted to - a very professional approach. We ordered for a few items viz a few varieties of burfi & honey & they volunteered to be delivered 2 kms away at the Army Holiday Home as the packet was bulky & heavy. Promptly delivered as promised. We never realised that this was not one off shopping but a long term relationship that this organization develops & maintains. Very soon we got a call from their head office/factory & we came to know when we visited)

Tanmay (Delhi)
(Really great product,With good service,Thanks Harpreet)

Hitesh (Mumbai)
(Product are vry good)

Vijay bharat (Delhi)
(Ur products like jamun vinegar, krela juice i am using for the last 6,7 years & i find these very useful in controling my sugar.pl. keep up the quality &standard.)

Sunny (Delhi)
(Product are too good)

Hemant Dukera (Pune)
(I purchased Nature Hut fruit barfis and amla tea from your masuorie, mall road branch. Our whole family had never tested such a healthy barfi like this ever before.The best one tested was the Litchi barfi. And everyday morning we start our day with an Amla tea. Which is great to taste and with a nice aroma. I would like to purchase similar products near future.)

Mustafa Ali Khan (Delhi)
(I have been using Natures hut product regularly in particular honey & ghee (Clarified butter). Recently i bought tulsi drops too. All the products are excellent & exceeds my satisfaction. i strongly recommend people to buy the products from Natures hut.)

Piyush Jain (Mumbai)
(Nature Hut products are genuine & pure without any harmful ingredient and side effects. What claimed is given , worth value for money, quality taste seems to be home made.All products are good what we tried it's effective too like Haldi Noni Giloy Juice, Apricot oil and Fruit Barfi which liked by each and every person from workers to top executive We wish Nature Hut all the best & good luck to continue serving with quality genuine products.Co. Products speak by itself dosent require any marketing)

Sanjeev k (Palmpur)
(Lungdu Pickl;e is too Good.And Karela juice n Jamun Vinegar are also good)

Amit goyal (Mumbai)
(I have tried various products from Natures Hut and i must say the quality is too notch. I really love their fruit barfis and amla candies. I would also highlight that they have high service levels and their executives are also very supportive and upcoming to provide any information.Their health juices are also special and my parents have been taking those regularly especially the diabetic one.)

Ayushi Aggarwal (Raigarh)
(Your products are very effective and they are very good.????)

Guneet arora (Amirtsar)
(Alright I have used many products from your macloedganj branch All products are excellentEven tulsi drops that I bought second time online are very effective)

Anwer (Moradabad)
(Products are really good.)

Kamles vankar (Gujrat)
(Bhut acha ha produts)

Ved Parkash (Delhi)
(Aapke Sabhi Products achey ha ,Good)

Manish gupta (ludhiana)
(i use only haldi juice It's good)

Yatish jain (Gwalior)
(Aapki abhi tak ke experience se mera review good hai.???Very good ya excellent toh nhi Baki aagey ka experience accha rha toh review bhi achha hi hoga aapki tarah)

Nimish Gupta (Chandigrh)
(Natures Hut Products Are genuinly Good!)

Nishat Fatima (Aligarh)
(Product theek hain)

Abdur Raiham (-)
(Yup..Your Products are really Good Quality Ones..)

Atul mall (noida)
(Your products are really great. Jamie sirka is working as good as any medicine. Kindly thanks)

Subodh Gujarati (Mumbai)
(Remembering me by you is appreciated, I, had said then that I will visit your shop once again tomorrow n I did visit, but by that time you had already left for patiyala Now I have just started using your products hoping to benefit my health)

Deepak Dass (Delhi)
(We enjoyed your Products)

Vanshika (Sitapur)
(Yes the products are very good .. Especially this hair oil .I like fruit barfi also)

Kuldeep (Mumbai)
(Thanks Harpreet Very happy with my purchases. Will surely order more when I need)

Ingit Anand (Ahmedbad)
(Barfi was Good.Thanks harpreet)

H S Maan (Chandigrh)
(I am Using the Proucts and am very satisfied)


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